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Looking for the best remote work tools in this pandemic situation? Remote work is very challenging if we do not have easy-to-use applications on our devices. The applications should address all the problems we have when working remotely, and it is better if it’s free. And, we only get the best features if we select a set of tools rather than expecting a single tool to solve all our problems.

Working from an office and working from a remote location has different experiences and challenges. For example, time becomes flexible when we work from home, and we do not have to get ready and commute to work. At the same time, our social interactions are reduced, and our psychological health deteriorates.

All the issues related to remote work have a significant impact on our work productivity and career. We can be susceptible to the unwanted effects of remote work. And that we don’t want.

Along with personal health and professional benefits, remote work tools help businesses to flourish. Any business grows in value and position with the adoption of technology. Technology always comes with speed and speeds up every factor in the business.

We have made a list of remote work tools for small businesses that won’t let the business remain small for much longer. They have a variety of services to offer and functions well.

Best Remote Work Tools


Best Remote Work Tools

timeTracko is a monitoring tool that is quite popular for remote work. It is used to record attendance and real-time activities of employees’ screens.

You can know about your employees’ active working time based on offline and idle time tracking. The analysis is quite accurate. Also, the application frequently takes screenshots of the screen without knowledge to the employees, and they cannot tamper with the work time.

It seems only beneficial to the employers, but it’s not like that. Based on the analysis of the difference between idle time and productive time, you can focus on the problems creating disinterest. The information is also a great advisor for better team management.

timeTracko is providing its service in different fields and has proven to be efficient. Fields of work like finance, banking, health care, lawyers, and businesses use it.


ProofHub is a top-rated SaaS project management and team collaboration tool that is used by more than 85000 teams and businesses across the globe. ProofHub enables widely distributed team members, clients, and managers to share a common visual platform for seamless collaboration on tasks and projects.

ProofHub is an ideal solution for remote teams as the tool offers a suite of powerful features under one virtual roof. A simple learning curve and intuitive interface makes it easy for users to get started with the tool in a short time.

Thoughtful features like Kanban boards, Gantt charts, and Table view give a clear visualization of the current status of all tasks, assignees, and deadlines. Users can move tasks to another stage and other team members (assigned to the task) get notified instantly.

Communication features like Group chat, Discussion boards, @Mention, and Real-time updates facilitate switch exchange of information between remote workers to avoid any delays or misunderstandings related to work.

Other features, like File management, Online Proofing, Reporting, Time tracking, Custom fields, Scheduling calendar, Announcements, etc, empower remote workers to efficiently manage multiple aspects of their work from a single location.

The mobile application makes it easy for users to access ProofHub and collaborate on work with others from any location. Fixed, affordable pricing plans make ProofHub a cost-effective yet highly functional solution for small businesses and teams on a limited budget.


Slack is a messaging, file-sharing communication tool, and is one of the best remote work tools out there. You can collaborate with teams across other companies.

You have to constantly be in conversation with the team members when you are in a remote work position. Slack is fast in connection and makes the work organization easy.

Channel is the best feature, way to work in Slack. You can form your channel under a tab in the application and add all the contributing members. It makes sure that everyone will be aware of every detail in work, and no need for specific reach outs. It saves time and speeds up a process in every work.

It can be integrated with every major online platform.


Trello is a kanban-style task management tool. There are boards, lists, and cards that you can pin to the dashboard. All details about the work, working members, and time schedules can be included in the board.

It is popular because you can gather information quickly in a glimpse. The cards and stacks of the list make it easier to filter required information, which would be difficult with text documents.

You can customize many things in Trello. Meetings, project preparations, workload distributions, and many other tasks can be carried out remotely with the help of Trello.

Trello’s cards and boards have many addable features which can make them greatly customizable. It integrates well with other online tools.


Nothing beats zoom in the efficiency of video conferencing. Hence, it’s widely considered as one of the most popular and best remote work tools. Every working personnel loves zoom for its interactive features and remote work benefits.

You can share your experiences, content remotely and use an interactive whiteboard for better communications. Your meetings and collaboration have better results with Zoom on your side as a remote work tool.

It provides a powerful voice call facility like that of a telephone. The calls are secured and can be scaled to any form of a conference.

You can host webinars and events on this platform. Even the UN has hosted its Zoom conference, and many big organizations prefer zoom as a video-conferencing application.

It has been providing services in fields like education, finance, government, and healthcare.


Dropbox is a standard issue for any type of cloud storage. It helps to organize your important documents and work files with all necessary security measures.

Working remotely or not, moving from place to place with work files is difficult. Also, the use of flash drives is becoming more cumbersome. It’s easy to put all your data in a secure cloud space from your device. And, later you can access the account from any other device and get what you need.

Dropbox provides you with different features regarding file management. Collaboration with many teams, tracking important files, and automatic backup are some important ones. Your remote work experience becomes more comfortable with the tool to store and integrate your work documents.

It provides a lot of cloud space memory, which has a subscription cost.


Another important remote work tool is the calendar. We don’t even know which day we are on if we are working remotely from home. Forget all other important pieces of stuff.

The calendar helps to conduct a meeting and organize collaboration for your upcoming projects. You can have access to the schedule of every participant so that you can allocate the best time for everyone.

Analytics of calendar gives all the smart advice about better time management. You can improve your work life by finding out where you are slacking, and it will increase your productivity with every project workout.

It is useful for every routine of life and is one of the best remote work tools. Even personal life will get better organized with this software application.


Jira is a user-specific project management tool used by software developers that work in the agile methodology.

You can list cards, boards in the dashboard with instructions and work specifications. It helps with planning, tracking, collaborations, and improving performance in teams.

It integrates with every standard tool that you already use. It also collaborates with other version control systems, which is a pretty important feature for developers.


Canva is another specific remote work tool for designers. Canva has the solution for every graphical illustration-related problem in your work. You can design attractive and conceptual layouts with the variety of tools and templates available.

The use is very easy; click and drag. You can use templates and free tutorial lessons to get started. You can collaborate with your team and design your mind out.

You can design presentations, logos, prototypes, posters, flyers, Instagram posts, and other advertisements. The free picture gallery is very handy to shape your ideas.

It is helpful for students, promoters, advertisers, and small business owners to start on the ideas.


Podio is a social network for the workplace. It is the social intranet that has all the features for better project management. It’s good for companies that have remote working policies and have every necessity for collaboration between employees.

You can add people to your workspace in the application, share files, comment on the progress report, host meetings, and all in real-time. For repeated work, you can customize a template that can be reused in a few clicks.

Features of the applications include project management, CRM, product planning, workflow management, collaboration event management, and others.

Real estate, construction, accounting, agencies, marketing and communication, and healthcare are spaces for use-cases of Podio.

It is all in one functional environment.

Google Or Microsoft Suite

Google Suite and Microsoft Suite are the most common options for the best remote work tools. Almost everyone has access to one of these tools if they are using the Internet.

They provide a collaborative environment with file sharing, standard audiovisual conversation, calendar services, storage, and other facilities.

According to your familiarity, you can use Google suite or Microsoft suite, and both of them are best. You have to log in or sign up, and you can perform every work routine remotely for free.

Yes, free of cost. Everything.

Why Do We Need the Best Remote Work Tools, and What is in the Future?

Now, we are in a time when remote work is only the best solution to keep life going on. After the pandemic, every field of work has adopted remote work methods. It would not have been possible before, but as technology compliments us with better services every day, we don’t have a problem working from home now.

There are many software applications that help us perform better, achieve more. We need this software to carry on with our duties and help search for best practices even after the pandemic. We tried and now are used to remote work patterns. You should use more software and remote work tools and help find more consistent and stable platforms.

Who knows, maybe we’re on our way to discovering a new work model and way of life.

We have a bright future with science and technology on our shoulders, always finding new ways. Your business is your selection of ideas after much brainstorming. How can tools for business be limited to a few?

You should try different software once in a while and make your preferences to find the best remote work tool.

And, share them, please.

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