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A well-known truth says: time is money!

Those who know how to fix problems that hinder personal productivity remain on top. This applies both to individual employees and entrepreneurs and freelancers, and everyone who cares about making the most of every minute of their time.

It is vital to determine your productivity when working alone and when the work is in a team. Forbes states seven steps that will keep you organized, namely focus, commit, prioritize, strategize and plan, establish a daily practice, accept failure, and finally celebrate!

You should not waste your time on unnecessary things. That is especially important during work. Software and mobile applications have become the simplest solution for many businesses.

The selected 10 apps are the most user-friendly and undergo the necessary software testing services. These apps’ benefits are clear: they increase productivity, help you make better use of your time, and focus on specific tasks.


Trello – convenient visual information board.

Here you can see and manage the entire workflow by switching from project to project. Trello is cloud-based, allowing you to work with your entire team at the same time. Tasks can be marked as to be done, completed, and in progress. You can assign individual tasks to team members and specify due dates and checklists.

2. Slack

Slack is the favorite communication and collaboration app for teams. It’s faster than email, more organized than text messaging, and offers more integration options than any other messaging platform. Thanks to the structure of “threads” in this application, it is convenient not to lose the problem’s essence and switch between message topics.

The platform is fully customizable and integrates into just about any other app or platform you can use, including SpaceIQ!

3. Notion

This app helps replace Google Docs and Evernote with the same effect. The app also has task and project management functions like in Trello. And here, you can use spreadsheets and databases, which are intended to replace the likes of Excel and Google Sheets.

With this tool, you don’t have to install many various productivity tools. Notion strives to provide a single platform that replaces all the essential features of effective self-management.

4. Spark

Spark is an intelligent email client that helps keep your email productive.

Smart Inbox automatically sorts your emails by account and filters them from minor to priority. A convenient function of a smart mailbox can postpone or apply any actions to letters later. It is an excellent application for those who have to deal with a massive amount of incoming mail.

5. Skedulo

Skedulo app is perfect for teams that work across multiple sites. This application enables managers to schedule working hours and tasks for their employees at a specific time. Another convenient feature of the application is the ability to collect data. It allows employees to document work as it is done for record-keeping and transparency.


WeDo was initially created to organize remote student work. But now, he has gone far beyond the educational institutions. WeDo helps you complete tasks, set due dates, and manage tasks for employees. But it can also develop your cravings for good habits by encouraging them to stick to them.

The application keeps track of the time spent completing your tasks and learns your attitude to completed tasks.

All this is added to the progress report, and you can see how your speed/mood improves for repetitive tasks and aspects of life (work, diet, exercise, etc.).


TickTick is an advanced platform to improve your productivity. The peculiarity of the application is that you can add new tasks using voice communication. Folders, Lists, Tasks, and Subtasks: Keep your things organized on four different levels.

Smart lists and the ability to practice the Pomodoro technique in TickTick are also available. The more tasks you complete on time, the higher your achievement score will be.

8. Be focused

Be Focused is a low-performance Mac and iOS app that also relies heavily on the Pomodoro technique.

Be Focused helps you learn to work in short 25-minute intervals with a break. The application allows you to set work sessions and breaks for different tasks. And besides, it is convenient to keep track of how well you are achieving your goals for the day, week, and month.

9. Forest

Forest is an app for iOS and Android designed so that you do not spend so much time on your phone or tablet. Forest significantly reduces the downtime of your mobile devices. When you want to focus, you plant a “tree,” and the more time you spend away from your phone/tablet, the more it grows — a good solution for those who are often distracted by social networks or mindless Internet surfing.

10. Habitica

Habitica is unlike any other productivity tool. Instead, this tool is geared towards increasing your overall comfort and life satisfaction. True, this does not interfere with using it for work purposes.

In the Habitica app, you create a to-do list and receive points and bonuses for each completion. The more points you earn, the stronger your Avatar will become and the more game features and rewards you will unlock. Pretty good app for gamblers.

To Sum Things Up

Mobile apps are designed to work for our benefit. The proper application in the right hands can dramatically improve your ability to get the job done quickly and correctly.

However, this does not mean that you need to use only these apps. Many mobile applications on the market can help you organize your working hours. Which one is better to choose depends only on the type of inherent tasks in your work.

Additionally, feel free to check out the article in the Techii blog that may educate you on how to enhance productivity & data security when working remotely.

And if you did not find the application that meets your parameters, you can create it with third-party companies like MLSDev. For example, you may check out the app development services by following a link – https://mlsdev.com/services/mobile-app-development.

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