Protect your PC with Avast Antivirus with a Free 1 Year Subscription

So we thing that 2014 is a biggie year for all the antiviruses. We just posted a 1 Year free subscription of F-Secure Antivirus for PC. And here’s another 1 Year subscription, and for this time Avast is offering your a free 1 year subscription.



Avast is considered one of best in the Antivirus market, even better than F-Secure too! So Avast as you all know is considered as the best antivirus by many people around the world and it even costs like $31/month for normal antivirus protection obviously that brings pretty much everything from offline to online shield to Spam protection to Trojan protection.

There are many awesome features in the new  Avast Antivirus, you have your own anti-spyware so NO spyware to your PC at ALL! The interface is whole improvised with w8 compatibilty. You can even touch and used it as in Windows 8. SO if you want to secure your PC with this cool antivirus for a free 1 year, here’s how to do it!

  1. Download Avast Free Antivirus Setup
  2. Once Downloaded, click the link Free 1 Year Registration Page [Link]
  3. Then Enter all your details such as name and email address to get your Key
  4. Just wait for few seconds and VOILA!
  5. You will be provided with the key which is to be put under it to register it for 30 days
  6. Now if you want to turn it into 1 year just put the 365 days key!

So here’s it it’s as simple as ABC and you can do now and secure up your PC NOW!

Enjoy :)


    • Sahayan Mahato says

      Yes it do applies. Premium is more amazing than free version. I do agree but if you check it out more closely, it gives user the potential of antivirus, be it avast or F-Secure it allows one to chexkout the true potential.
      Do visit tech bii again.. :)

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