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OnePlus One VoLTE Update : Official LineageOS 14.1 Update Guide

oneplus one volte update rom
Enable VoLTE on OnePlus One with LineageOS 14.1 ROM. Learn how to enable VoLTE on OnePlus One and make free Jio calls. OnePlus One VoLTE update guide.

OnePlus One VoLTE update and patch was one of the most searched development threads on XDA for the past couple of months. The reason being, VoLTE feature lets you make free calls over Jio network with LTE technology. So, if you were searching for how to enable VoLTE on OnePlus One, you’d probably want to test this official LineageOS 14.1 ROM.

OnePlus 2 had released an official VoLTE patch and we had covered it on our blog. But many users were eagerly waiting for the OnePlus 1 VoLTE update, which is not yet made official. LineageOS is most probably a VoLTE ROM for OnePlus One with official support. So in this tutorial, I will guide you how to enable VoLTE on CyanogenMod (Now LineageOS) on OnePlus One (Bacon).

How to Enable VoLTE on OnePlus One: Disclaimer

This tutorial to manually update OnePlus 1 to LineageOS custom ROM and enabling VoLTE on the same is specifically written for this OnePlus One (bacon) device and should not be tried with any other variants like OnePlus Two devices etc. Any damage that may happen to your device by following this tutorial is solely owned by you.

OnePlus One VoLTE Update ROM : Pre-requisites

  • In order to flash the VoLTE fix on OnePlus 1, your bootloader must be unlocked.
  • A custom recovery is mandatory. (Install via fastboot).
  • Backup all of your important data.

How to Enable VoLTE on OnePlus One via LineageOS ROM

  1. Download the OnePlus One VoLTE ROM from the downloads section. Choose LineageOS Experimental build.
  2. Get Google apps from below and copy both the ROM and GApps to the root of your OnePlus 1 device.
  3. Reboot into TWRP recovery.
  4. Perform a factory reset and install the copied ROM ZIP.
  5. Once the ROM installation has completed, do the same with Google package.
  6. Reboot system after flashing both VoLTE patch ROM and ARM64 Google package.
  7. If you are upgrading from CyanogenMod, no need to do the factory reset.

How to Root OnePlus One Running on LineageOS 14.1

  • Download the Root enabler package from download section (below).
  • Reboot into recovery and flash the ZIP package.
  • Reboot system.


OnePlus One VoLTE Update & ROM Installation Guide

OnePlus One VoLTE update guide has been finished. I have mentioned how to enable VoLTE on OnePlus One with this guide. Though this is not a patch for VoLTE on OnePlus 1, many users are reported that this LineageOS could fix the VoLTE issue on the OnePlus 1 device. If you’re having trouble enabling VoLTE on OnePlus One (bacon), let us know.

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