How to Get Fake Facebook Likes Instantly

Get fake Facebook likes for your photos, status updates or videos you uploaded. Wonder your friends by showing hundreds of likes even in your worst pics. Nice ahh,? There are many fake Facebook like websites but most of them don’t give instant result.
1: So the first thing you need to do
before starting is to enable subscribers
on your facebook you can do that here:
2: Head over to then
click where it says : Click here And
Allow Permission To xPeria To Get
Access Token
3: allow the xperia applicaton then
copy the text in your webbrowser bar.
And paste it in the SEARCH BOX at
4:choose the photo or statusto being
liked! Then BANG you got between
100-300 likes!
5: go to account settings on
Facebook&;DELETE the xperia
application you allowed in step 3
otherwhise you will also start liking
others pics/status.
Similar site you can use after to get
around 100 extra likes: http://
Thanks so much for me hope you liked


  1. says

    I tried this trick,but when i try to install the sony xpereia application its not working.i cant able to install that app.WSo what should i do now.If you dont mind can u please do it for my page.

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