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[Updated] Download CyanogenMod 10.1 Nightly for Samsung Galaxy mini (android 4.2.1)

I’ve been posting continuous posts on cyanogenmod 10.1 for Samsung Galaxy mini these days. Needless to say, it simply rocks do I can’t actually get it out. I have never thought of running such a top notch version of Android in my entry level smartphone.

All credit goes to the outstanding guys at xda developers. Especially Rohan and Erickas made this possible.

The latest version of Android 4.2.1 CM10.1 includes some of the best features that even iOS couldn’t offer. This update got some (more) major change in user interface like new drop down menu, updated jelly bean keyboard, awesome time and date widget and lots more.

[Updated ]

Updated with latest version(27/01/13) and included camera fixes that can be used if you still experience crashes.
PS : Many of the readers reported about the broken link for CM10.1 download. All have been fixed and enjoy.

Let’s see what’s working really with this update by Rohan






*Tethering(USB and WiFi)


USB tethering Was the biggest issue when it comes to previous cm updates. We had to use PDAnet or East Tether for USB tethering. But he has really worked hard to fix this issue  with default USB tethering.

However, there exist a bug, Layout not completely fixed. As usual, let’s hope it will be fixed in upcoming releases. I’ve to mention the camera especially in this case. Camera stands almost near to the stock One so that you need not suffer the pain.

Change logs (from xda)


* Most stable release

* Everything works now

* 99% layouts fixed.

* Kernel updated; offline charging
works; etc.

* WPA2 Encrytion works

* Many more under the hood changes

Nightly -1 [7-1-13]

* Blue over scroll effect included [That orange over scroll is now gone]

* All Layouts fixed

* Fixed some kernel spamming

* Panorama fixed (a bit laggy though)

* Other CM changes

Beta 1 [6-1-13]

Change log:

* Video and YouTube fixed

* Camera fixed completely

* Everything works great;all in all a
very stable release


Nightly [14-1-13]

* More LDPI configs

* GPS should be faster now

* CM changes

Download link 1

Download old CM10.1

Download camera fixes

Must download – Patch for Error less booting. Download this and flash along with the ROM

Flashing Procedure

* Download and copy the ROM to your SD Card.

* Reboot your phone to recovery by
pressing home button + power button simultaneously.

*. Choose Install from SD Card by
navigating with volume keys.

* Choose the installed file from the list.

*. After installation, wipe data, and
dalvik cache.

*. Reboot system.

Done. This version does not include
Gapps. So you’ve to install it manually.

Note : 1. Only do the above procedures if your Android device is rooted already.

2. Always do a NANDROID backup
before applying any updates. So move on to recovery options > restore and backup > backup

3. After installing the ROM, you may sometimes struck at boot. Just
reinsert the battery and switch on.

Download Gapps from here

Hope this guide has helped you to get most from your Android device. Share and do let me know if some bugs have conquered your flashing.

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  1. brother
    tom file is not there pls do smthing

    • The file had been removed. But I’ve updated the post with latest files. Thanks for informing And check now. Enjoy. Keep visiting.

      • thanks but can I know
        all features like FM
        full screen video 4.2 theme player music will run or not

        • There’s no FM radio in the ROM from ICS onwards. Here of course, no FM radio by default. You’ve to install ‘Spirit FM radio’ to use FM.
          You Can have full width video without any issues. All are working fine and this is the stable release. Thanks.

  2. would u let m know
    howw to play FM on spirit FM
    I have instaleed it but not working
    even I HV change d methods of audio
    still not working

  3. hey
    my ques is can we see full screen videos in this rom instead of video recording

  4. pls reload the file again this file cant be pause
    and i m unable to forecast the size of this file pls update it again as ur previous files

    • Sorry for the inconvenience. The file cannot be re uploaded to other sites right now. I’ve given the link from the developer. It’s around 95 MB. Sorry.

  5. will u pls send dis file to my mail
    or u can upload it some other place

  6. pls upload it anywhere its difficult to download the file at one time
    pls do something

  7. unable to download the cm 10.1 file

  8. you tube not working
    some apps are not working
    FM radio not working
    even spirit free using or above stated method also
    theme Is only one
    the biggest disappointment is
    video player is very poor
    can’t resolve video to full screen
    n next is the music player is same as of android 2.2
    even music player of 2.3 was far better than this player
    pls upgrade these things for d overall enjoyment

    • I disagree with you except the theme issue. All the above mentioned apps are working perfectly on my phone. Are you using galaxy mini itself? I never had a problem on YouTube, FM, video etc. CyanogenMod never included multiple themes by default since it increases the file size. You can manually install tons of themes by externally downloading. Of You want, I can mail you the collection of themes. I will upload the screen shots. very soon.

  9. i want to replace stock music player to some fancy one pls tell me about this

    • Nice to see you again. You can replace the stock player anyway. But can install 3rd party music players like winamp, power mp3 etc. I agree with the fact that this version has old player by default. Let’s hope or next update. I’ve mailed Rohan for this.

  10. pls tell m d exact way of
    how to play full screen videos in default player n
    how to operate fm radio spirit fulll
    i need ur help
    n do something with the stock music player its very bad
    n can u list m d the themes which are not launcher oriented

  11. wat happened dude
    why r u not telling my question

  12. excuse me sir, the link to the camera fix is broken… can you fix it asap? thank you 🙂

  13. sir
    the pls do update it with the latest features of jellybean….
    and the music player is as old one

  14. Hello, I’ve mailed to the developer regarding the issues like old music player (least sound quality, I agree), lack of inbuilt themes etc. Hope we get the features soon through upcoming updates. Bookmark this Page and grab the latest version when it’s launched.

  15. i want different fonts but cant do with almost tried wid many font changer app …do u hv a solution

  16. i cannot install. status 7 error, normally this is due to cwm version. what version are you guys using?

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