CWM Recovery – Can’t Mount System Error Solution [How To]

CWM Recovery is considered as the major utility among rooted devices. But sometimes, in certain phones like Galaxy mini or Galaxy Ace shows error on system mounting. Thank God,it can be fixed quickly. Moreover, the possibility of getting troubled by the same error is very few.

The error is an expected one and happens generally when you are trying to backup a stock ROM using the clock work mod recovery. Please, note that you can’t do a completed nandroid backup of a stock firmwares. So, just install any custom ROM and then you can backup and restore anytime.

Clockworkmod Recovery Error
Messages Also, sometimes you also face errors as given below :

E: Can’t open /cache/recovery/log
E: Can’t mount /cache/recovery/last_log

E: Can’t open /cache/recovery


Such errors are normal when you visit clockworkmod recovery while on stock samsung firmware. Since
clockworkmod on galaxy mini is not fully compatible with stock ROM, you’ll get these errors.

Simply flashing a custom rom on your galaxy mini handset removes this messages from clockworkmod recovery.

However, if you don’t plan to install custom ROM, then it doesn’t make sense to install custom recovery like clockworkmod. So, I suggest removing it by flashing stock ROM via Odin which will overwrite clockworkmod recovery with stock android recovery.

Question :

Then, How do I backup my stock
Android firmware? What if I want to go back to stock ROM after flashing any custom rom?

Reply :

Well, the fact that you can’t backup a stock ROM could be troublesome if you want to return back to official stock firmwares on your handset. While some Samsung stock firmwares are

made available by sites like and, not all firmwares might be available.

Moreover, not all devices can install these leaked firmwares. Depending upon your handset and the fact whether Odin Multidownloader — a firmware flashing utility for Samsung smart phones — is available for it or not, there’s possibility that you can return to stock ROM.

If required flashing programs are available and if (upgraded) firmware is available for your region then you can download it, load it in Odin, reboot your handset to download mode and then flash/install it within few minutes and change your handset to make it look alike to that of the very first day you bought it.

That’s why it’s always recommended to keep the firmware details of your handset (you can dial *#1234#* Samsung secret code and get PDA, Baseband and CSC details of your current firmware).

If Odin or similar firmware flashing tool is not available for your handset, then I’d suggest you to think carefully before moving to any custom firmware.


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