Find a Major Job in Commercial Industries in Mumbai!

In the current world, there are many in-demand jobs lately is industrial Driving.  Most of the individuals, even professionals think about this sort of career owing to the high financial gain it provides. Not solely that, industrial driving may be a course whereby coaching is of cheap and job placement is not a haul. There […]

10 Precautions Before Rooting Your Android Device

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In this day and age, smartphones have become as common as a computer was in the early 90s. And like the boom of the Personal Computer brought about the rise of Windows, the same scenario can be observed in the smartphone market as well. Riding high on the waves of the smartphone revolution is Android, […]

Child monitoring in the simplest of ways using a WhatsApp spy app

A WhatsApp messenger is lately the most widely used instant messaging service across the globe and it is definitely the most popular one as well, especially amongst teens. This instant messaging app helps users share text messages, images and even videos with anyone they want to. Teenagers are of course really excited with the concept […]

Customer Service–The Most Important Thing You Might be Missing out on


Customer Service: Plugging in to Technology We are entering the age where if you want your business to succeed, you need to be present and active on social media.  What do we mean by social media?  We’re talking about Facebook and Twitter.  Although there are other networks, such as Snapchat and Instagram, Facebook and Twitter […]

Google’s Mobilegeddon–How Will it Impact YOU


  The Google’s Mobilegeddon – How will it impact you World Wide Web shares many similarities with our own world. Empires waging war over the global dominance, unexpected alliances, conspiracies and old lovers separated, we can find them all online. Nowadays, we have a chance to add apocalyptic visions to that list. We are of […]