Is 4G Faster than ADSL2–The Ultimate Face-Off


4G vs ADSL2: Speed Showdown ADSL2 and 4G are two of the most commonly employed high-speed Internet delivery systems. Although both are known for their relatively high level of performance when compared to conventional connection types like dial-up, 4G is chiefly engineered as a mobile Internet access service while ADSL2 is more suitable for home […]

What is Down-Payment for Home Loan?

down payment

What is Downpayment for Home Loan We all hear about downpayment everytime, everywhere.  From parents, from TV, from Internet and various other sources. But have you ever wondered what is it? Here’s a quick guide on what is downpayment for home loans. Downpayment is a payment which you make before taking a loan of anything […]

Whatwpthemeisthat–Find the Theme and Plugin Installed on any WordPress Website


The competition between who’s the best among Blogger and WordPress has been stiff. Perhaps the competition between the two biggies ain’t gonna end. Why so? Because both these platforms appeal to different set of audience. As every blogger has different needs and expectations, each blogger has their own reason to choose one over the other. […]

iStonsoft PDF to Word Converter–Review

iStonsoft PDF to Word Converter

As a blogger, I encounter PDF files lot of times. PDF has been the standard industry document for bloggers in the blogosphere. Compared to all the other formats such as ePUB, PDF has been the most popular format over the web. The reason? Compared to all other formats, PDF works on wide range of platforms […]

5 Best LAN Messengers for Windows

best lan messengers

Communications has gone through several breakthroughs and massive advancement in the course of mankind. Starting with letters to mails today, communication has almost reached the zenith, it’s pinnacle. Now, you can text to anyone in the world from your room without any haste and problem. The major credit goes to the Internet. The importance of […]

5 Best Blogger Widgets 2015

best blogger widgets 2015

There’s more than 1.5 Billion blogs on the web, and every half a second, a new blog is created! But why does a blog called the way it is? The term ‘blog’ was coined by American blogger Jorn Barger combining the world ‘web’ and log’. Since the primitive stage of blogging in 90s, blogging has […]

WhatsApp for Bada OS–Download and How-To

WhatsApp for Bada OS

Founded in 2009, and now with 700 Million strong user base, WhatsApp has been an inevitable app in our lives. And the journey of WhatsApp has been an amazing topsy-turvy ride. I guess most of you are well acquainted with the tale of Whatsapp, but there might be folks who don’t. So here’s a heads […]