Technology & Science Herald Success For Africa

Whether it is in terms of health, communication or education, science and technology in Africa is increasing at the forefront of improving citizens everyday lives. For a considerable amount of time it was necessary to rely on outside help and foreign investment to thrive, but now a definite trend toward scientific independence has emerged, one […]

Key Survey: Create Stunning Web and Mobile Survey Campaigns


While getting into real business, we can’t ignore the importance of user opinion and data collection surveys. Both gives a rough idea about your service/product and you can make a comprehension by concluding the survey results. But the scenario becomes worst if you couldn’t create an effective survey campaign. This might be due to ineffective […] : The Ultimate Platform for Integrated Forms

When it comes to real business, the primary aim of a businessmen is to provide quality product according to the client’s need. This wouldn’t be possible without knowing the actual requirements of the end user. For a successful enterprise, mutual understanding between the consumer and producer is mandatory. In order to collect the requirements of the […]

Tip – How to Buy Xiaomi Mi3/RedMi 1S Quickly in Flipkart Sales

kart xiaomi phones quickly in flipkart

This tutorial is exclusively dedicated for those who want Xiaomi Mi3 or RedMi 1s badly in the next sale on Flipkart. We all know that the Xiaomi phones are getting sold faster than our mouse clicks. Though you try your best to grab the phone on sales day,chances of adding them in to the kart […]

Running Behind: Reasons Behind the iPhone 6 and iWatch Delays

iPhone 6

The iPhone 6 and iWatch are two highly anticipated Apple products that have device die-hards waiting on the edge of their seats for release. However, both products have apparently hit a variety of snags that could delay their release dates. Keep reading to learn about the reasons behind these delays, and what they could mean […]

Review : EaseUS Todo Backup & Recovery Software

EaseUS Todo Backup

Ever since the genesis of system utilities and protection tools, backup softwares had a great demand as they save people’s data everyday. There are tens of hundreds of system backup and recovery tools scattered over the web; but what makes the task tedious is their reliability. Here comes the importance of market giants like EaseUS. […]

Top 5 Best Affiliate Programs For Bloggers in 2014


Top 5 Best Affiliate Programs For Bloggers in 2014 Affiliate program has been a great strategy in the market. A program that is profitable for both seller and affiliate marketer. It helps seller to promote their products and publisher to earn revenue promoting their products. But different marketers have different mode of affiliate program, according […]

The Quick Guide For Writing a Powerful Blog Post

Everyone wants to write an powerful and influential blog post. Every blogger wants to write powerful blog posts that gets read and leaves an impact on them. Just like the guys over Pro Blogger and Boost Blog Traffic do. Everybody wants to write viral-worthy content like BuzzFeed and Upworthy.  It’s damn hard, isn’t it? Actually, […]